Monday, 21 November 2022

Great War terrain in 6mm

I’m a dyed in the wool lead miniatures guy. 3-D and plastics just don’t feel right to me but each to their own. So, when I’m not scratch building, my default range of scenics for 6mm and 2mm is Irregular Miniatures. 

I’ve had a bunch of their shelled buildings awaiting attention for some time. I’m itching to get into some Great War gaming so time to upgrade the terrain. Here’s a few work in progress shots of a couple of shelled villages. 

After mounting a number of pieces from the 6mm scenics range on MDF, I based with ground up cork (for additional fallen masonry surrounding the buildings), gravel, find sand then grout. These were sprayed black then the masonry painted with Vallejo French Mirage Blue followed by Army Painter Runic Grey Speed Paint. I picked out some additional features in various colours (more to do on this). Following this was a drybrush with Army Painter Drakes Tooth then finally a Nuln Oil wash.

The Poilus are Irregular Miniatures 1914 French Infantry (GWF01-06). 

Still a WIP as I’ll do more dry brushing and details then flock when all the washes are dry.

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