Sunday, February 8, 2015

2mm ACW – rebasing

Well, after a flying start on the Confederates, I spent a few days mulling over the issue of using the scale of 1 base = brigade. While this was the scale for the rules I were planning on using – Polemos Crisis of Allegiance (CoA) – I felt like that method of basing had some issues particularly with historical scenarios.

I was struggling with the need to amalgamate smaller brigades / demi bridges / reserves into roughy equal strength groups in CoA. I would find myself having to amalgamate smaller formations that were not deployed anywhere hear each other.

So, I have rebased to 40mmx 20mm which fits two regiments on it nicely allowing 2–3 base brigades. and is a fairly adaptable format in terms of use with a variety of rulesets. CoA is being set aside for this project and I'm going to trial Polemos On They Come and DBACW (which I've played before and quite like).

With a flurry of activity over the past day, the Union have the best part of a Corps nearly ready for the field as well and the CSA are rebased as well. One of the great joys of 2mm is the relative speed in which you can paint them.

Here's the days effort:
Re-based Confederates
The Federalists finally make an appearance!
All together with a few command and artillery stands in half size.

Monday, February 2, 2015

2mm ACW and terrain

Needing a break from the Great War project this weekend, I returned to my 2mm ACW figures that have been gathering dust for some months. My intention is to put together a brigade per base scenario of First Manassas (July 21, 1861) using Polemos Crisis of Allegiance (CoA) rules.

I found some motivation afetr picking up some of Irregular Miniatures (IM) 2mm scenics at Eureka Miniatures on Friday which I've had a hankering to have a go at for some time now.

Here's the best pictures I can put together with an iPhone from the weekend's efforts.

P. G. T. Beauregard's Army of the Potomac (represented by 7 brigades in CoA):

 Irregular Miniatures 2mm scenics:
2mm IM Small Mannor House (BG106)
2mm IM Bridge with Riverbanks (BG108)
2mm IM Village and River Crossing (BG115)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Māori skirmish

My Evil Gong Māori took to the field last night in a late night gaming session while the Christmas pudding was steaming away on the hob! Here's a couple of snaps of the early stage of the game.
The warriors entering the clearing from the south (bottom) see their opponents forming up on the far side.
First contact - individual combats dominate the game while the larger warrior groups close on each other.
I took advantage of a sunny morning the next day to get some close up shots.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Evil Gong Māori

While WWI in 6mm has been the main focus of my attention for the past few months, with the Christmas Truce approaching, I thought I'd pop my head out of the trench for a small distraction.

I've had a box of Evil Gong Māori in 15mm sitting primed for a couple of years. The promise of some skirmish action in the near future has prompted me to take them the next step. Some of the sculpts are really quite nice and paint up well (and I've just slapped a quick paint job on these). There's a lot more work to do on the textiles for many of the figures - but here's a couple of in-progress teasers!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Jumping the Bags

With the commemoration of WWI in full swing at the moment, my wargaming attention has been directed towards Great War projects in 6mm.
Irregular Miniatures, 6mm early war German infantry based of Great War Spearhead II
Consequently, On Senlac Hill will be loosening its top button, having a cup of char, and having a bit of a rest for a while.
4th Royal Fusiliers resting in the square at Mons on 22 August 1914, the day before the Battle of Mons

So, why not pop over to my new WWI-focussed blog - Jumping the Bags!


Thanks for looking.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mayan Temple for Pulp adventures - complete!

It's amazing the motivation posting work in progress pictures on forums give me when completing projects. A few days after deciding to make a Mayan-style temple for Pulp Alley adventures to come, I have managed to completed it (although some final painting will be completed/details will be added in time).

I'm quite pleased with the result and am grateful for the useful advice I've received on TMP and Pulp Alley Forums.
The painting was largely inspired by this thread on painting stonework on TMP.
Details to come include:
  • crafting a sacrificial alter to sit on the summit of the temple
  • some more shading on the stairs
  • a little dry brushing to knock back the colours used to highlight different tones among the stones
  • possibly one final wash to help define the shadows a little more
  • adding some moss/lichen to increase the 'lost ruin in the jungle' look
The next project is some trees for the jungle setting.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Mayan temple pt 2

After some great advice on  TMP and Pulp Alley forum about possible approaches to texturing the
surface of the Mayan-style temple, I have settled on building up a clockwork texture using thin card 'stone slabs' glued on and then covered with tissue paper brushed in diluted PVA glue.

I think some of my efforts to lay the tissue paper over the 'slabs' of cardboard are a little sub standard, but in general I'm liking the texture. Of course, the immediate benefits of this approach is that it is cheap and I can get moving on it strait away.

The question will be whether to undercoat and dry-brush, or to use some sort of texture over the tissue paper. The advantage of another layer is it will make the surface more durable, but I may end up losing some of the effect I've created.

Another pice of advice I received was to seal/reinforce the edges of the corrugated cardboard with thin strips of card glued on. It's a little too late for the edges of the bottom two levels, but I will try this on the steps and possibly the upper level.

Some other products mentioned by fellow wargamers that I will be looking at for future projects such as this will be: