Thursday, 25 December 2014

Māori skirmish

My Evil Gong Māori took to the field last night in a late night gaming session while the Christmas pudding was steaming away on the hob! Here's a couple of snaps of the early stage of the game.
The warriors entering the clearing from the south (bottom) see their opponents forming up on the far side.
First contact - individual combats dominate the game while the larger warrior groups close on each other.
I took advantage of a sunny morning the next day to get some close up shots.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Evil Gong Māori

While WWI in 6mm has been the main focus of my attention for the past few months, with the Christmas Truce approaching, I thought I'd pop my head out of the trench for a small distraction.

I've had a box of Evil Gong Māori in 15mm sitting primed for a couple of years. The promise of some skirmish action in the near future has prompted me to take them the next step. Some of the sculpts are really quite nice and paint up well (and I've just slapped a quick paint job on these). There's a lot more work to do on the textiles for many of the figures - but here's a couple of in-progress teasers!