Tuesday, 7 June 2011

hic milites exierunt dehestenga

Here the knights have set out from Hastings ...

At last my Museum Normans are nearing completion. Just a few remaining touch-ups, the rest of the shields (no small task) and dip/varnish to go. I've had them for years and have always been put off by painting so many horses. Something I don't dread as much as I used to.

Shields designs are a mix of material taken directly form the Bayeux Tapestry and copies of the (far superior) work done by Neldoreth.

This one doesn't look to scary - better give him a touch up

Amazing how photography brings up the imperfections - back to the paintbrush!

Thanks for looking.

Friday, 3 June 2011

1861: Somewhere in Virginia ...

Last night we began the first of many encounters to come between Lincolnites and Rebels testing out the DBACW rules with an encounter between two 24 point early war divisions based around 3 infantry brigades and attached artillery and cavalry. Neither of us having even experimented with these rules before we sat at the table (I'd not even read them!) we spent a goodly portion of the evening just sorting our orders of battle and deployment.

More to come ...

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