Thursday, 27 May 2010

Its all about me!

Well, this is my first foray into blogging. I'm a little uncomfortable with the medium feeling it to be a little self-centered to think that anyone else would care for my online ramblings. However, with that caveat, here I go ...

2010 has seen a resurgence in my interest in miniature wargaming. I use the WRG De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) fast play ancient (and medieval) wargame rules (v. 2.2).

Learn more about DBA at this fantastic website: Fanaticus

I have the following armies under construction and will post images as they are completed:
  • Anglo-Danish, 1014–1075 CE (III/71)
  • Norman / West Frankish, 888–1072 CE (III/51)
  • Norse Viking, 790–1280 CE (III/40)
  • Teutonic Orders, 1201–1522 CE (IV/30)
  • Low Countries, 1297–1478 CE (IV/57)
  • Medieval French, 1330–1445 CE (IV/64)
  • Later Swiss, 1400–1522 (IV/79)
  • Wars of the Roses English (Yorkist), 1455–1487 CE (IV/83)
My first attempts at DBA armies some years ago also leave me with two armies of late antiquity that are gathering dust in the cupboard (although, not entirely unloved!).
  • Ancient British, 55 BCE–75 CE (II/53)
  • Early Imperial Roman, 25 BCE–197 CE (II/56)
I should say at the outset, my interest in miniature wargaming is that of army composition, strategy and tactics rather than painting figures. So, in advance, I apologise for any slap-dash paint jobs that appear here.

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