Thursday, 16 September 2010

Some larger pictures of my Picts

Pictish spearmen (detail)

Pictish spearmen

Scratch built Pictish Camp


  1. Very neat! I like the choice of colours and how you've done the tartan effect.

    I like these Feudal Casting /Freikorp figures. I've got some for my Pre-feudal Scots. They've even masqueraded as Picts on some occasions.

  2. Thanks Mark,
    Appreciate your encouragement. I just did cross-hatching over the base colour then went back over it and dropped a dot of the base colour in each square. A bit laborious. Still got to do their shields properly. After doing the Dacian shields I feel better equipped to give them a go. Must look at your pre-feudal scots - they on your blog?

    Did I buy these off you? Can't remember where they came from - glad to know their 'brand.' I loved painting them.
    Cheers - sorry it took me ages to see your comment.