Saturday, 2 July 2011

Normans / West Frankish (DBA III/51) 888–1072 CE

After many years sitting in the wings the West Franks / Normans are prepared for action!

The miniatures have been sitting on the painting pile for years - maybe a decade! At last they can take the field. I've painted the army with a few extra spears so I can eventually morph this into a East Frankish army too (need hordes and dismounting blades).

I think they look better in person than in the pictures - the lighting I use seem to bring up too many of the imperfections - and there are plenty of those!

My next project is my 1642/3 English Civil War Parliamentarians and Royalist armies for use in DBA-RRR rules.

Then I feel the need to get stuck into the unpainted lead pile and complete some Book 4 armies I have been collecting – Serbian Empire (1180–1459 CE), Albanian (1345–1479 CE), Navarrese (1234–1430 CE), Early Swiss (1240–1400 CE), Prussian (1200–1283 CE), Lithuanian (1132–1435 CE), and 2 x Post Mongol Russian armies (1246–1533 CE).

Quite aside from this some background research is going into some armies for the Hordes of the Empire: Colonial Warfare during the age of expansion variant on the WRG HOTT rules. First up will be Colonial British versus the Maori, I think. I've been inspired by comrades from across the ditch and them maybe some Zulu.

Yeah ... OK, that could take some time. ;)

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