Tuesday, 30 August 2011

DBA-RRR ECW – battlefield terrain

Having painted and based and fought an initial battle with my ECW army for DBA-RRR, I decided it was time to turn the paintbrush to some terrain to get that quintessential English feel to the battlefield. I have a box of resin buildings from the Hovels 15mmm Medieval range sitting around from a bygone period of affluence. Amongst them are some cracking pieces that will add atmosphere to my Civil Wars battles.
  • (6M5) Inn of half timber with thatched roof
  • (8M5) Bailiffs house, stone walls half timbered with tiled roof.
  • (3M5) Stable block in timber with thatched roof.
I have not quite decided how these buildings will fit into DBA-RRR. The could be used as a single built up area (BUA) if mounted appropriately. However, recent experience with other rules in the DBx family has got me thinking. Having played a number of games of DB ACW lately where we have used buildings scattered over the table (4' x 4') as impassible terrain features (with each building representing a hamlet or such at the scale of armies, rather than a single building).

If spaced with appropriate room for elements to move and deploy around them these buildings become very influential on the battlefield: providing shelter from artillery / musket fire; being a great feature to anchor a command's flank on; and at times as a hinderance when forming up into lines of battle. While you have to be careful not to overdo it (no more than 3-4 on a 4' x 4' table), they seem to add to the game rather than detract. Aesthetically as well as providing tactical challenges.

In the ECW context, I am thinking of introducing a similar approach as we have used in DB ACW. To that end I will experiment with the system we have used which is to do away with rules dictating the amount and placement of terrain and have the player who hosts the game set up a table with plausible terrain for an encounter and the guest (who sees the board for the first time the night we play) having the choice of which edge he/she deploys on.

A report on this approach will follow. In the mean time, here are a few pictures of the new buildings (Inn and Bailiffs house only) I took in a flood of sunlight today. Thanks for looking.


  1. Looking good! Just found the DBA-rrr set so I'm going to make a start with the EcW this week!
    Mike B

  2. Thanks Mike. I've enjoyed using DBA-RRR for ECW - must give it another go myself. Look forward to seeing your guys in action.