Friday, 11 May 2012

Grumpy Portuguese Colonials

My Grumpy Miniatures Colonial Portuguese DBA-RRR army is largely complete, at last! The list is based on a foot general with options of up to 11 shot, 3 blades, and 2 skirmishers currently. I've tried to give them a fairly ragged look and selected figures that reflect the volley and charge tactics common to the Portuguese.

The Grumpy sculpts are good in general (perhaps lacking a little variation) but my main complaint is a lack of definition in the bodies especially where bandoleers, baldrics and other straps and belts intersect over a padded jack - it proved hard to paint (at least when using my rather impatient style of painting!).

The next challenge is the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC) - again using Grumpy Miniatures. However, for the Dutch I have selected figures among the Grumpy range that suggest a well-supplied, more ordered look with most wearing morions. I'm not sure if such a clear variation is historically accurate, but it suits my ideas of how these competing colonial forces should look. After the VOC, its on to Indonesian/Malay armies to give these guys someone to fight (apart from each other).

I'm still battling with finding a suitable artillery piece for both Portuguese and VOC armies - I'd like to use some naval ordnance either in hastily constructed fortifications or being hauled using some makeshift method. Not east to find in 15mm.

Camps and BUAs are still very much in the conceptual stage.


  1. The Portuguese are looking great. I see you have added a standard. Did you find any particular useful on-line sources for these?

  2. Thanks TWR - the Dutch have stalled a bit but I have ben playing 'what if' Portuguese vs New Model Army (DBA-RRR) lately which has been interesting. I found it hard to find Colonial Portuguese resources coving the period I was interested in (most covered 19/20th C). I have leaned heavily on a thesis written about the VOC warfare that can be found here: Thanks for following the blog. Cheers Alan