Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New year ... new scale! WSS in 6mm

I've been tempted for some time by 6mm wargaming - first by the Spanish tercios of a comrade who frequents the local gaming store, then more recently by the convincing marketing on the Baccus website. This, coupled with a desire to explore 18th century conflicts without having to play a game of bridge while I'm wargaming (I'm not a fan of event cards in wargames) has led me to Polemos WSS rules - we shall see if that was the right decision in due course!

In the meantime, here are some early pics of my French forces which are massing in Flanders! Painting 6mm has been an interesting new challenge but I'm slowly getting there.

I should add a note of thanks to this blog's 7 FOLLOWERS! Thanks a lot you mob! I appreciate your support of this haphazard blog. G'day to the most recent arrival, Ray. Always enjoyed your blog.


  1. Looking good, there's a nice sense of mass there.

  2. Thanks fireymonkeyboy! I'd read so much about the benefits of going 6mm for that massed effect that i thought I had to give it a go. I hope to add more to the bases in time to give them a bit more character. Must get them back on the painting bench - been distracted by life and a small R-J War naval project. Cheers