Monday, 19 August 2013

Eureka Skeletal pirates

Much as these undead denizens of Davy Jones' Locker are the result of powerful enchantments, so have I been taken under the spell of a new (non-historical) genera!

In a project that began years ago with my daughter (then 6, now 9 and dead keen on gaming, bless her!) wanting to paint some Eureka Teddy Bear Pirates, I have, at last, found some renewed passion for miniatures and gaming (sorely lacking in the past 6 months).

I came away from an all-too-long overdue visit with the kiddies to Eureka Miniatures on the weekend, with some new projects - the first to hit the painting table are Eureka's Skeletal Pirates in 28mm. I've not tried anything like this before and while I feel like my 28mm painting skills have a long way to go (having been focussing on 6mm lately), I'm really happy with the results. 

A model brig is on the workbench in the shed and will soon take to the seas to host the first encounter between skeletons and teddy bears! Despite their appearance, I'm not underestimating the courage of these furry bed companions when it comes to a good bit of biffo using Eureka's Fifteen Men rules.

Alas, these photos are only with the old iPhone, so not very clear, but give you an impression. More to follow.

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