Sunday, 8 May 2016

Battle of Elli - fleets completed

This weekend saw the Ottoman and Greek destroyers completed for the Battle of Elli (16th Dec. 1912). This completes both the Ottoman and Hellenic Navy fleets for this battle. This brings to a conclusion my first 1:2400 scratch building project.

The ships have been based with the intention of using Grand Fleets third edition rules particularly as the Grand Fleets: Tsar & Emperor scenario book has all the stats for this battle.

Part of the challenge ahead is to decide how - if at all - to incorporate the destroyers (both Greek and Ottoman) into the scenario. The Greek destroyers seem to have stayed out to the west of the action and the Ottoman destroyers and the Protected Cruiser Mecidiye clung to the Aegean coast near the Dardanelles.

Anyway, the main reason for the post is for some pictures - so here's the fleets conducting some initial maneuvers!
The Ottoman fleet sorties out from the Dardanelles.

The Ottoman destroyer division with the protected cruiser Mecidiye.

The Ottoman capital ships.

The Hellenic Navy's 'heavies' - the Georgics Averof and the old battleships Hydra, Spetsai and Psara.


  1. Wow, Alan, I'm impressed! Those are scratch-built ships?? I wish I had that talent; I love WW1 and pre-dread era ships. Awesome work, man!

  2. Thanks yes, all scratch built. Some are definitely better than others. For instance, for the Greek Hydra Class, it proved tricky to make the barbettes looking right - same with the Canet guns. But hey, it's easy to be critical of your own work! Thanks, appreciate it. Looking forward to gaming with them! Cheers Alan