Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Swan of the East (I)

I have been kitting up for some naval gaming in the Pacific and Southern Atlantic theatres.  In historical terms this will include von Spee's dash across the Pacific and the engagements at Coronel (1 November 1914) and the Falklands (8 December 1914).

But first its my old favourite – the Battle of Cocos. HMS Sydney vs. SMS Emden. 9th November is not far away, but this will be one commemoration I'm ready for!

Planned layout of the HMAS Sydney vs SMS Emden clash at Cocos Islands

HMS Sydney sights the smoke trail from the Emden

HMAS Sydney is spotted - Müller order a full head of steam and the SMS Emden leaves it's shore party behind and makes of open water.

Sydney closing to a distance of 9,500 yards (8,700 m)where they set a parallel course to the Emden and open fire to deadly effect. 

North Keeling Island - the final resting place of the Emden

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