Sunday, 12 March 2017

Skirmish Sangin: Patrol Scenario set up

More experimentation with Afghanistan terrain. I'm feeling like I need to ditch the palms and come up with some different - less European looking trees.


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    1. Thanks Sergey! It's been a long time coming - I just need some more detail, now ... and, to actually start gaming!

  2. Os,

    Wow, that looks fantastic! I have one of those rugs, I just need to get around to cutting it up into useable chunks.

    I absolutely love those three singly-based palm trees, but I'll just throw this out, and I could be wrong because I was mostly in the northern part of the country. I don't think there are any palm trees in Afghanistan. Just FYI, if it matters to you; I mostly just go with whatever I think looks cool, so if that's your thing too, I dig it ;)


  3. Jack,

    The next thing is some poppy fields. But, I'm grateful for your advice on the palms - they are a hang-over form Egypt/pulp gaming. After looking online I've got in a bunch of new trees that I hope will look more appropriate. What's your experience of the tree cover - is it mostly food and fodder trees? I guess you had your mind on more important things at the time ;).

    Will send you a PM when you are back on TMP. Cheers

  4. Alan,

    Yeah man, I can't really comment much on the types of trees. In the summer they had leaves, in the winter they didn't ;)

    You can send me PMs on TMP, I can still get and respond to those, I just can't post, and I don't imagine that will change...