Monday, 28 May 2018

Preparations for first try of C21 Air War

As previous posts have hinted at, my first venture into modern aerial combat gaming will be a Falklands War project. I'm easing myself into the genre using Air War C21 rules by Wessex Games.

The first scenario will be a hypothetical encounter between a section of Sea Harriers intercepting a section of Argentine Dassault Mirage III's over San Carlos Water (Bomb Alley) on 1 May 1982, as the air war above the Falklands was just beginning to escalate

Gaming time is rare at the moment (study, work, yeech!) so it may take a while - besides, I'm still rereading the rules. Here's a few atmospheric shots of the table. Simple, but effective for 'whatever is at hand' set up!
Sea Harriers!
San Carlos Water looks cold in the last light of day!
Great late afternoon light has added some atmosphere to this shot.

Argentine Dassault Mirage III
Argentine Mirage III's (foreground) close in on the Sea Harriers (top left) for first contact with the enemy.

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