Monday, 2 February 2015

2mm ACW and terrain

Needing a break from the Great War project this weekend, I returned to my 2mm ACW figures that have been gathering dust for some months. My intention is to put together a brigade per base scenario of First Manassas (July 21, 1861) using Polemos Crisis of Allegiance (CoA) rules.

I found some motivation afetr picking up some of Irregular Miniatures (IM) 2mm scenics at Eureka Miniatures on Friday which I've had a hankering to have a go at for some time now.

Here's the best pictures I can put together with an iPhone from the weekend's efforts.

P. G. T. Beauregard's Army of the Potomac (represented by 7 brigades in CoA):

 Irregular Miniatures 2mm scenics:
2mm IM Small Mannor House (BG106)
2mm IM Bridge with Riverbanks (BG108)
2mm IM Village and River Crossing (BG115)

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