Sunday, 8 February 2015

2mm ACW – rebasing

Well, after a flying start on the Confederates, I spent a few days mulling over the issue of using the scale of 1 base = brigade. While this was the scale for the rules I were planning on using – Polemos Crisis of Allegiance (CoA) – I felt like that method of basing had some issues particularly with historical scenarios.

I was struggling with the need to amalgamate smaller brigades / demi bridges / reserves into roughy equal strength groups in CoA. I would find myself having to amalgamate smaller formations that were not deployed anywhere hear each other.

So, I have rebased to 40mmx 20mm which fits two regiments on it nicely allowing 2–3 base brigades. and is a fairly adaptable format in terms of use with a variety of rulesets. CoA is being set aside for this project and I'm going to trial Polemos On They Come and DBACW (which I've played before and quite like).

With a flurry of activity over the past day, the Union have the best part of a Corps nearly ready for the field as well and the CSA are rebased as well. One of the great joys of 2mm is the relative speed in which you can paint them.

Here's the days effort:
Re-based Confederates
The Federalists finally make an appearance!
All together with a few command and artillery stands in half size.

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